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We offer a broad expertise in various IT domains and at different levels:

  • Do you need to have your system architecture reviewed?
  • Transform requirements to a workable software design?
  • Or have some actual code written?

Speak to us about IT! We are happy to help you!

We offer... help your IT endeavors at any phase of the IT-Project-Lifecycle. The range is from:

  • Executive Committee Consulting - Clarify which decisions yield which possible results for your company.
  • Feasibility-Analysis - Can IT be done? And if, by whom?
  • Project Kickoff - Getting the right stakeholders involved and committed.
  • Project Planning - Gathering the right information about use cases and resource planning.
  • Hiring the right people - Hiring the right people for the job is hard. We are here to help you with it.
  • Architecture and Design - These you cannot learn by reading a book. We are happy to share our broad experience with you.
  • Implementation - Run your team and be part of it. All with the latest tools and methodologies the art of IT has to offer.
  • Testing - We will teach you how to get automated testing done right. And will organise testing staff if needed.
Ask us for more...

Credo: IT is invisible. That's why it’s hard to manage.

The bulk of IT is invisible. Even when you have all your source code on paper, it still needs someone to make sense of it: To see it “3D” and be capable of understanding its interaction with other systems over time. This is the core problem we would like to solve for you!

Because, only if you have visibility, you have control.

Our goal is to deliver reality-proven solutions to our clients. If IT is not managed in with a good assessment of costs and benefits, it often leads to undesired results where everybody is unhappy.

The reason for this is often simply unrealistic promises based far too optimistic estimates. Even with money taken out of the equation, an honest developer will always drastically underestimate his effort, given he is keen on doing the job.

We have seen this many times over the years.

As a countermeasure, second opinions are needed. From experts not involved in the project. (Ask us before commiting on your IT budget).

During the actual implementation we too, as every decent IT project management these days, rely on agile methodologies such as SCRUM or Kanban. With instruments, the otherwise invisible development phases and processes become visible very quickly. And if things take go the wrong way, we can react early.


My name is Raoul Schmidiger and I hold a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Zurich. I am in the IT business since childhood but professionally since 1998. I worked in various positions and industries.

My last employment was at Leonteq Securities, as Head IT Development and Chief System Architect.

I was responsible for the development of Constructor, Leonteq Pricing Online Platform for institutional clients as well as the overall system architecture.

Former engagements include:

  • Leonteq Securities AG (former EFG Financial Products) - Investment Bank - Head IT Development and Chief System Architect
  • Starticket AG - Online Ticket Reseller - Distributed Ticket Control System
  • Deutsche Bundesbank - German National Bank - Datawarehouse and Reporting
  • HUK Coburg - Insurance - Distributed National Data Analysis Reporting Online Platform
  • R+V Versicherung - Insurance - Data Modelling
  • Bank for International Settlements - The bank of national banks - Datawarehouse and Reporting
  • Batelco - Bahrain Telco - Teaching datawarehouse development to staff

As this is a young company, I cooperate with partner companies to fulfill your goal or hire more staff as the need arises.


For detailed references, please get in contact to